62 years or older
live in your home as your primary residence
have sufficient equity in your home

The lender is required by The Federal Housing Administration to complete a financial assessment on each borrower to determine the homeowner’s willingness and capability to remain current on their obligations and ensure they qualify. Our professionals will review your credit history, analyze your income and compare it to your expenses to determine your eligibility.

You are required to pay your real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance and HOA fees (if applicable), as well as continue to make home repairs as needed.

The following types are acceptable:

single-family residences
two-to-four unit homes
certain manufactured homes and condominiums that meet certain requirements

You must be 62 years of age or older, own your home or have significant equity and occupy the home as your primary residence.

The amount of loan proceeds available to reverse mortgage holders varies by age and other factors, but a homeowner must have a strong equity position to obtain a reverse mortgage.

A number of property types are eligible for reverse mortgage financing: single-family residences, townhomes, condominiums in FHA-approved communities, and 2- to 4-unit multiple-family residences. A manufactured home may be eligible as well if the home is approved by HUD and meets FHA requirements.

Reverse mortgage applicants must demonstrate the ability to maintain their property charges or certain housing expenses. This is typically done by providing proof of income and reviewing recurring home expenses such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, and HOA fees if applicable. It is important to remember that the homeowner is responsible for paying these expenses as well as maintaining the home.

Homeowners who wish to proceed with an application must also complete a counseling session with a HUD-approved counseling agency. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a list of available agencies based on the property location. Las Vegas reverse mortgages for Las Vegas homeowners and beyond.

Rick R. Rodriguez

Rick R. Rodriguez

Rick R. Rodriguez has been in mortgage sales and management since 2003 and has held positions as loan originator, sales manager, production manager, and branch manager. He is well-versed in all types of mortgage products, and over his career, he has been recognized as an accomplished and trusted professional.

In 2004, after completing his first reverse mortgage transaction, Rick took the steps to focus primarily on this kind of loans and become a specialist in the industry. In February 2016, he became the first person in Southern Nevada and the 117th in the nation to obtain the designation of Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP®).

As a CRMP®, Rick has extensive experience in all available reverse mortgage products, including the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) refinance, HECM to HECM refinance, HECM for purchase and jumbo reverse mortgage. His clients benefit from his financial qualifications, meticulousness, effective communication skills, and years of experience working with reverse mortgages. He has the proven ability to explain the reverse mortgage to help others understand the process.

Pushed by his passion for reverse mortgages and his commitment to the industry, Rick spends his time working with homeowners, realtors, healthcare professionals, and various other individuals and organizations to lay out the role reverse mortgages have in real estate and retirement planning.

“A reverse mortgage should be, at the very least, considered by every homeowner over the age of 62. The flexibility that this program offers can be life-changing as well as an effective counterpart to retirement planning. I always welcome the opportunity to speak with clients about a reverse mortgage, and to help them determine if it may be the right option to meet their financial and housing needs.”

Rick is a Las Vegas native, and he holds a BSBA in Accounting from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. After graduating college, he worked for a local Certified Public Accounting firm before moving into the mortgage industry. He enjoys spending time with his loved ones, traveling, exploring the outdoors, playing various sports, and above all helping his wife raise their family.

Jesse Brewer

Jesse A. Brewer

Jesse A. Brewer (NMLS# 473359) is a veteran professional in the industry with extensive background in reverse mortgage origination, sales management, and production center management. He currently specializes in reverse mortgage origination at Resolute Bank working directly with homeowners, real estate professionals, financial specialists and healthcare providers to inform them of this type of loan’s flexibility and practical applications—helping homeowners improve their retirement economic outlook.

Jesse began his career in 2001 with a mid-sized Boston-area bank, before moving to Las Vegas in 2006 to focus on mortgage origination. In 2008, he joined a local reverse mortgage lender, where he became, in two years, the top-producing reverse mortgage loan officer.

Jesse then moved into sales management, a role which he held for several years, before becoming vice president, national sales manager, and reverse mortgage division head running Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC, based in Henderson, NV. As division head, Jesse used his innate leadership and team-building expertise to propel a small sales team into a national production center in the bank’s reverse mortgage division.

Jesse is dedicated to making the industry approachable by being an active speaker, educator, and relationship builder within the banking and mortgage community. Clients compliment his ability to simplify the reverse mortgage process with solutions that lead to life-changing outcomes.

“The reverse mortgage is a powerful financial tool that should be evaluated by anyone considering retirement options. I always look forward to helping clients understand the flexibility of the program and how it can be utilized to provide for a more comfortable standard of living through retirement.”

Jesse holds a degree in Business Administration Management from Massachusetts Fitchburg State University. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities with his wife, Virginia. He played football at FSC followed by playing rugby for over a decade, that included winning a National Championship in 2010.


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