How Does A Reverse Mortgage Affect Title

How Does A Reverse Mortgage Affect Title How does a reverse mortgage affect title? One thing to consider with all mortgages, including the reverse mortgage loan, is how ownership of the property is structured. In most instances, the property title is held either fee simple or joint ownership traditionally. However, occasionally the homeownership can be […]

How A Reverse Mortgage Loan Works In Divorce

How A Reverse Mortgage Loan Works In Divorce How a reverse mortgage loan works and can provide additional support during one of life’s difficult steps.  Divorce can be emotionally stressful enough for everybody involved without the added worry of what’s going to happen with their finances. Often, one of the first questions asked is what […]

Reverse Mortgage and Long Term Care

Reverse Mortgage and Long Term Care Reverse Mortgage and Long Term Care We try to anticipate all kinds of things that could happen; car accidents, house fires, illness or disability, etc. But most people don’t think about or plan for the fact that 70%* of us are going to have to worry about the cost […]

Reverse Mortgage Solution

Reverse Mortgage Solution Reverse Mortgage solution to many of life’s necessities. The interesting thing is that when people make financial decisions, they often make them emotionally even though numbers are very logical. Two plus two always equals four, yet emotion comes into play in almost every financial decision. I’ve never seen a situation that has […]

A Reverse Mortgage Documentary

A Reverse Mortgage Documentary Produced By Kirby Bradley Kirby Bradley, an ESPN award-winning film producer, known for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and 30 for 30, has recently produced a short documentary on one of the most misunderstood retirement products available, a reverse mortgage loan.? This informative documentary covers true stories from families who used […]

Reverse Mortgages Increase Liquidity

Equity Vs. Cash Let?s talk about one of the most confusing aspects of a reverse mortgage loan-?home equity.??Most people are concerned about the equity in their homes, and too often, they view a reverse mortgage with the fear of losing that equity. Equity?is the value of something (e.g., the value of shares in a company, […]

Reverse Mortgage Home Values in Las Vegas

How A Reverse Mortgage Loan Could Help Protect You And Your Home In Uncertain Times Can you protect something? Maybe your home? Do you remember in 2008 what had happened before and after the housing market bubble? The market was going up, home values were increasing, and we had low unemployment rates before the bubble […]

How to Throw a Memorable Retirement Party

Every day, an estimated 10,000 Americans clock out of the workforce for good. This means the chances are good that someone you know and work with will retire while you’re still employed. If so, you and your colleagues will want to plan a retirement party to give the retiree a wonderful sendoff. Party Planning Tips […]